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Camaya Coast Beach Resort – Ferriest Daytrip for 599 pesos

To travel is to live

– Hans Christian Anderson

Last year, I stop going to places. I was feeling down the whole year. So, as 2019 came, I start again to make myself happy. To rebuild myself. Some may say travelling is just a waste of time and money. But they will never understand how travelling helps me to fight and live more despite of the struggles that i’m facing in life.

And if you really want to travel and not spend a lot of money. You should be a little wise and resourceful. Metrodeal is where I look for budget friendly travels. Week after we went to Erins Place Resort. I saw the Ferriest Day Trip to Camaya Coast for 599 pesos on metrodeal. The promo is only until the end of January.

Ferriest Day Trip promo inclusions
– Kayaking
– Inflatable Park
– Round trip Ferry Transfer
(Esplanade Seaside Terminal to Camaya Coast (vice versa)
– Biking
– Infinity Pool
– Welcome Drinks
– Tables and Chairs

We booked for January 30, 2019 because Wednesday is the only day that I don’t have classes. I don’t expect a lot from our trip but I am very excited.


Our trip was scheduled at 4:30 am but the day before Camaya Coast texted us that our trip was rescheduled at 7 am. I was very happy because I really dont know how I can go out of the house at 3:30 am.

We booked a grab car so we can go to the terminal as fast as we can. Because it is already 6:30 and the gate will close at 7 am. Fortunately, we reach the terminal two minutes before 7 am. We present our printed voucher to the front desk with our Valid IDs then they give us our seat number. We were the first one to enter the gate and the ferry. I was very excited so I dont have any pictures of the ferry with me. But I will post some of the ferry boat pictures below. All the photos is from Camaya Coast Facebook Page.

It was our very first time to ride a ferry boat. That is why we spend a lot of time on the upper deck of the boat. Then we search for our location on google map. Its so refreshing when you are surrounded by the waters and it is very windy.

We are checking if the island that we are seeing is corregidor island hihi
After the 2 hour ferry ride, we have to walk through this floater. Its a little bit shaky. So walk slowly and surely.

When we reach the main entrance. We present our voucher and they check our bags. Then they gave us our welcomed drinks. Well, I was very amazed with the resort staff they are very kind and cheerful.

When we saw the rattan lounges. It’s so perfect because there is a lot of trees so we will not worry about getting burn by the sun. I was so amazed when they have cold water dispenser in some trees.

Another thing I love about Camaya, is the area for free charging. Because I forgot my power bank, my boyfriend and I decided to just stay there. Well, the charging area has its own tent with rattan chair and table.Also, the view is superb.

Things to do in Camaya

  1. Biking – I’m glad because after 20 years. I finally learned how to ride a bike (thanks to my boyfriend for being so patient in teaching me how to bike)
    Because of that I was able to enjoy the unlimited biking in Camaya. Well, its not really unlimited. But if you’re lucky enough that there are less guest in Camaya then you can enjoy biking for more than one hour.

    Biking in Camaya is a very refreshing experience. Imagine, biking around lush green scenery with a lot of palm trees and in front of you is the cream sand, the sea, the sky and the sun. Plus, it is very windy and Camaya Coast is a very clean beach resort. So if you visit Camaya Coast dont forget to ride a bike.

2. Kayaking – After biking, we rest for 20 minutes. Then we decided to register for kayaking. After that we change to our swimming attire. Then we go kayaking. My heart is so full while we are getting around the ocean. The water is so clear. Even it is so hot that time because its 11 am.

After kayaking, we didn’t go to the inflatable water park because it’s so hot and we have to eat our lunch. We need to recharge because biking and kayaking is refreshing but it is also a very tiring activity. After eating, we visited the hotel pool and swim there. We were the only one swimming there that is why we enjoyed it so much.

3. Playing at Inflatable Water park – It may not be as big as Inflatable Island in Subic Bay Free port Zone. The water park adds more enjoyment and activity to Camaya Coast guests. I just hope that they will add more inflatable activities.

4. Enjoying the beach – The beach is clear, salty and the water is very warm that day. That is why I feel so relaxed. The water is knee deep.

I thought it will rain that day. I’m glad that it didn’t.

5. Swim at their Infinity Pool – Their infinity pool is beautiful and clean. That is why we spend the rest of our stay here. We enjoyed swimming back and forth or just relax in their kiddie pool.

6. Photo ops or just enjoy the beach – one hour before our departure time. We are now ready to go, because we still have to roam around the resort one more time and take pictures with our ootds.

How to get to Camaya Coast

Via ferry

The Camaya Coast new Ferry Terminal is at the Esplanade SeasideTerminal One Esplanade at the back of SM Mall of Asia near Vikings. The travel time is less than 1-2 hours via Supercat Ferry depending on the coastal conditions.

Via own vehicle

Camaya Coast is not accessible by public transportation. Using your own vehicle, take the road via NLEX to SCTEX exit and ply towards Subic, Olongapo. Take Dinalupihan exit (around 77 km. to site), turn right along Roman Superhighway towards Bataan passing Hermosa, Abucay, Balanga, Pilar and Limay. You will reach Mariveles town proper after passing the zigzag road, marked by Jollibee and Death march marker and from there, follow the directional signs leading to Camaya Coast site.

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end up beautifully.

Kristen Butler
captured from the ferry

I hope you visit Camaya Coast anytime soon. The deals they have is very affordable. Now the aqua park is open. You have one more reason to enjoy Camaya. The only thing that I dont like in Camaya is their pricey foods. Yes, they have many food establishments but it is very pricey. But for people who have the money or the budget then this place is very perfect.

Tip for budgetarian like us :
Try to eat a lot of foods while you are in the ferry.


You can contact Camaya Sands Resorts and Leisure here:

Address: Camaya Coast, Sitio Wain, Mariveles Bataan
Phone: (02) 822-6292, 0917-522-6292, 0917-622-6292

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Erins Place Resort & Lihim na Batis Resort

Two hidden gems in Barangay Pinugay Baras Rizal

Rizal is the perfect place for a quick getaway that’s why with a limited amount of money me and my boyfriend enjoyed this two hidden gems on our 21st month of being together.

Commuting is not a problem if you are going here. It is a very less hassle and enjoyable trip. If you already went to Palo Alto Falls, then it is very easy for you to go here.

We leave at exactly 7 am, for a 20 years old girl with strict grandparents my day trip really starts at 7 am. We reached the place at 9 am, and we were greeted by their smiling staffs. Their staffs is a rare gem too. They were so kind, approachable and their service is superb.

On the way to Erins Place Resort where we will stay for a daytrip, the tricycle driver said to us that the owner of Lihim na Batis and Erins Place are siblings. Nice right? We can enjoy to stay in Erins then we can also go sightseeing and also see the beauty of Lihim na Batis. The post about Lihim na Batis in Facebook by a netizen, became a trend. That’s why it is full of people when we went there. Because its weekend and its very affordable. And its also the reason why we chose to stay in Erins because their are few people who knows about it.

Setting up our tent. This little boy helps us.
I think he is a son of one of the people who is working here
Little doggo.
While I was eating he eats with me and I was talking with this dog the whole time my boyfriend is having a nap.


Entrance Fee:
Day tour – 120 pesos (7am-5pm)
Overnight -150 pesos
Cottages :
Calesa Tables and Chairs – 300
Gazebo – 500
Rooms (non air con) :
Regular Room – 1400 for 2 pax (max of 7 pax) 200 per additional pax
Couples Unit – 1500 for 2 pax (max of 4 pax) 200 per additional pax
Family Room – 2500 for 4 pax (max of 10 pax) 200 per additional pax
Camping Tents :
Tent Pitching – 100
Tent Rentals with 2 beddings (2 pax) – 300
Tent Rentals with bedding (3-4pax) – 400
Corkage Fee :
No corkage for food
300 pesos corkage for hard liquor in excess of 1 liter
Contact Numbers :

Lihim Na Batis Resort

After we reach the top of the grotto, we saw a lot of people at Lihim na Batis. So we decided to take a peak. The place is so crowded as we went there. The place is very affordable, clean and its beautiful just don’t go on weekends because it is still on trend and many people are planning to go here.

Lihim na Batis Rates
Entrance Fee: 50 for daytour 60 for overnight
Tables and Chairs: 200 for daytour 300 for overnight
Tent: 200 for daytour 300 for overnight
Cottages : 400 for daytour 500-600 for overnight
Rooms: 800 for daytour 1200 for overnight
200 bonfire

Contact Number

Ride a Jeepney from Cubao to Cogeo Gate 2 – 25 pesos
Ride a Jeepney from Cogeo Gate 2 – Sitio San Roque (seedling) – 30 pesos
Take the blue trike to the resort of your choice – 30 pesos

Address :

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Bato Springs Resort – A Cold Paradise

Semester break is so boring if we don’t have a getaway with friends or with our family? Right?

Of course yes! I was so bored at our house the whole 2 weeks and my feet is itching to go out to far places.  I got lucky when they invited me to join the birthday celebration of my cousin’s friend at Bato Spring Resort in San Pablo Laguna. Three years ago I visited this resort with my family and it was so crowded because its holy week. But it doesn’t stop me, to see the unique beauty of this place. I can call it a paradise because it surrounded with lush green scenery and  refreshing cold water. The moment I said YES, I was so excited because I promised to myself that I will definitely get back to this place. So now it is the time. 

Our call time was 6 am, and fortunately, we got completed at the exact time. They rented a jeep worth 5,500 for a round trip for 20 persons. The driver was so familiar with the road to bato springs. I thought we will get there by 9;30 to 10 am. But, we reach the place few minutes before 9. And because it weekdays, the staffs on the resort gave us discount. The driver and one of us is free. 

Let the pictures do the talking.

I captured this photos when I was walking alone around the resort so I can appreciate it more. I was just so amazed for being in place where there is so much peace and the green surroundings was so pleasing to my eyes. Being in the city for 20 years makes this  a beautiful and serene place for me. 

Our photos. 

My Photos 
Captured by Iphone 5c
Edited on Mobile Lightroom using my own made preset

I hope my photos can get you visit this place as soon as possible. 
How to get there:

Via Commute : 

From Manila/Buendia, ride a bus heading to Lucena. Tell the driver to drop you off at Bato Springs Resort drop off in San Pablo, Laguna. Fare from Buendia to San Pablo is 127 Php.
From the drop-off point, hire a tricycle straight to Bato Springs Resort. The ride is good for 5 people and no matter how many you are, the fixed price to the resort is 150 Php, one way. 

Going back to Manila, just ride a tricycle again outside the resort and wait until a bus appears at the highway.

Via Private Vehicle:
• Coming from Manila, take South Expressway to Calamba Exit• Just take the Road bound to Lucena Quezon, after passing San Pablo City look for a Meralco Station on your left.• The next intersection has a sign leading you to Bato Springs take left, this road is bound to Dolores, Quezon.• Look for the “Bato Springs” sign on your left, you can see it about 5 minutes from the intersection.• Take the road leading the Bato Springs.


Thank you for reading my blog. Always be a responsible traveler so the future generations can still see the beauty of this world that we are seeing today. 

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3 Budget Friendly Private Resorts in Pansol Laguna

Every summer, the year wouldn’t be complete without a swimming with our whole family. We go to beaches and public pools. But when 2016 came, our family decided to just booked a private resort. So we can enjoy the pool and a house that is just for us. My mom looked on Facebook and I also searched on OLX. We always go for a resort with good amenities, but we can avail it for 22 hours for not more than 12 000 pesos. We are always on a budget every year. So here is my suggestion if you are also looking for a budget friendly private resort.

Our first private resort experience on year 2016 is at KYD PRIVATE RESORT. We avail the 22 hours  for just 9000 pesos. The resort has 2 air conditioned rooms, billiard table, kids and adult pool and a kitchen. The photos is from their official Facebook page.



We also had a bonus private resort experience that year, when one of our relatives from Dubai take a vacation here to celebrate her wedding with our family. Its a simple celebration held at KOLOSSI HOT SPRING PRIVATE RESORT, the resort is pricey. So this is just a suggestion for  family friendly resort but not affordable.



Our second private resort experience on year 2017 on CT PLACE RESORT. We avail it for 22 hours for just 10000 pesos. The resort has good ambiance and green surroundings its full of plants.It also have a small hut area  for picture taking. It has 3 air conditioned rooms, billiard table, adult and kid pool and a kitchen.  Also, check their page for more info. For more affordable and family friendly resort. Also check Mr.Florence Abrenica page on Facebook for more choices.



Our third and latest private resort experience is on VILLA PERCIVAL PRIVATE RESORT. We avail it for 22 hours for only 9000 pesos.  The 3 storey private resort with orange and blue color. A sari sari store inside the resort with a coffee vending machine.  Perfect for big family because of their 2 air conditioned rooms and 3 fan rooms that is so spacious.



Laguna Private Resort Page:

My Link on Airbnb:

I hope I help you find your perfect family reunion place this holiday season. Thank you for reading my blog. Live your life with a smile everyday.

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Manuel Uy Beach Resort – Calatagan Batangas

First Beach Blog

Last June, we planned to have a quick getaway to the beach. We search for places that is very budget friendly, instagrammable and uncrowded places on the last summer days.  That leads us to Manuel Uy Beach Resort that is 3-4 hours away from Manila. We have a very strict family, that’s why I cant go on full weekend escape. Sad but it will not stop me from doing what I love.

Our call time was 5 am, unfortunately everyone of us woke up late. So instead of 5 am, we’ve been completed at exactly 7 am. When we reach the van terminal at the back of Kabayan Hotel in Pasay City. We still have to wait for the van to be full. Another unfortunate event is that the van got full at exactly 11 am. Imagine that? We only planned for a day tour getaway.  Sad right? We reach the Calatagan van terminal at exactly 1;30 pm, we only got 3 hrs to enjoy the beach.  We need to ride a trike to reach the beach, So as we reach the place. We start to set up the tent,because this is only a camping site. No rooms available here. I also talk to the boatman about our island hopping plan if its still okay for us to do it. So we ate first, then we ride the boat.


                                                                           BOAT RIDE


After the boat ride, we change our clothes then eat. Then we explore the vicinity to take a lot of pictures. After that, its time to say goodbye to Manuel Uy Beach Resort. Its not bad to have 3 hours on this place, as long as you enjoy every part of this place. It’s such a very happy place to end the summer, and a reason to start the school days with a smile.

How to Commute : 
From your place, ride a bus to Kabayan Hotel, 
(Walk through the streets you will find a van parking with a small store inside it. Ask if they are going to calatagan, better arrive early so you will not wait for four hours like what happened to us)
Van to Calatagan Public Market – 180 pesos (3.38 USD)
At Calatagan Public Market, there will be a lot of tricycles that is waiting for you and all of them cost 200 pesos (3.75 USD) one way ride for 4 persons.

– 1oo pesos
Overnight – 2oo
Environmental Fee – 3o
Tent Rental – 5oo
Campsite Fee (using own tent) – 15o to 8oo

BOAT RIDE FEES: Boat Tours (Good up to 5 pax per boat)
1 hour – P1000
1-2 hours – P1500
Goggles Rental – P50
Destinations: Starfish Island, Snorkeling Spots, Little Boracay
Time starts when you arrive on your first destination.

Facebook Page:
(The pinned post on the facebook page is where you can find the rates and other information on how to commute) 
Helpful Links to plan your visit:
For tide forecast –…/Calatagan/tides/latest
For other resorts –


A message to all my readers :
I hope that when you travel. Travel with your heart and soul. Travel with love for the environment around you. God has given us a lot of beautiful things to see. Let us treasure it and take care of it by not throwing any garbage anywhere. If all of us will be a responsible traveler then we can help our earth to have a more beautiful environment. Also, I hope that you will love the animals in the ocean. They give more life to ocean, they give more beauty to the world. I hope that all of you will have good and meaningful life. Live everyday with a smile ❤

From Philippines with Love,

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The Sierra Madre Mountain Resort Hotel and Conference Center- nature at its extreme

Welcome to The Sierra Madre Mountain Resort where nature is at its extreme. Where you can find mountains, waterfall, trees also peacefulness in one place. This place can really take your breath away. *no doubt guys* you wouldn’t expect too much when you are in the entrance, but when you already found yourself walking down the camping grounds. Now, nature is already surrounding you.

On the 29th of December, my feet really want to escape the busy life here in the Metro. I searched all over the internet for an affordable but worth it places. But my boyfriend slash travel buddy, telling me “malayo dyan, di afford or di ko bet”. I really want to punch him that time, i’m glad that I didn’t do it. When I suggested sierra madre he agreed on the spot. Because the place is really affordable and worth it when you see the pictures online.

We hit the road at exactly 8 am, we bring our tent and canned goods for a camping experience. Cool breeze, mountains and trees welcomed us while we are hitting the tanay road to the resort. We reached the resort at 11am. We avail the camping plus pool experience worth 200 pesos.



23561468_1611197705627447_320054733244624509_n                                                                       Entrance

26046972_1587178934695991_6711837482411480534_n                                                                    Hotel Lobby

26111925_1587178988029319_8183714452833819609_n                                                             Reception Area

26166400_1587179078029310_7890509168224178535_n                                                                    Parking Area

As we enter the place we see a few resort workers, also the management is here is not that strict. You can enjoy the place as much as you want they will not stop you from doing it. But respect the place and know your limitations.

1                                                   Path to the Camping Grounds

2                                                  Our small tent good for 2-3 persons

26165238_1587186141361937_290796418339464899_n                                                             Camping Grounds

After eating and setting our tent, we roam around the resort, we found the end of the zipline and take note its not that safe to go there , the wood of the viewdeck is old and breakable. The zipline is not operational when we go there.  But we still go there, see the view from it on the second pic.

From there we walk until we reach the spring valley pool. We stop a lot to take some pictures with the prayer mountain in the background.

From spring valley pool, the two of us try to find the Sto. Nino Waterfalls inside the resort. The waydown to the falls is so narrow, so you need to be really careful. But when you see the falls its definitely worth it.

From the Sto. Nino Waterfalls, we find our way to go up the prayer mountain, gladly we found it. When we follow all the cross. The view from the top is also worth it.

How to get to The Sierra Madre Mountain Resort and Conference Center  :

Cubao is the gateway to the resort
> From Cubao Farmers Plaza ride a jeep going to Cogeo gate 2 = 25 pesos
> From Cogeo Gate 2 ride a jeep bound to Sampaloc, Tanay = 55 pesos
> Drop off at Sierra Madre Mountain Resort

Budget Breakdown :

with Swimming and tent pitching 720 pesos for 2 persons
without swimming and without tent 420 for 2 persons

♥ More pictures ♥

This place is perfect for dates, get together, corporate events or when you just want to escape and find peace of mind.

Km 58 Marcos Hi-way Mayagay Tanay, Rizal,
Lansangang Marikina-Infanta,
Bayan ng Tanay,
Lalawigan ng Rizal

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Amo Yamie Crib: A cozy and budget friendly place to surprise your loved ones.

How to surprise your boyfriend, friend or family with a limited amount of money?

Thinking about taking them to a fancy restaurant where the food is so pricey? or out of town? or rent a hotel room for your whole family? Why spend too much if you can have a budget friendly and hassle free surprise for them at a cozy restaurant in manila.


Amo Yamie Crib.

A friendly restaurant where they allow you to use and decorate one of their cribs to surprise your loved ones. But bring your own props and decorations.

So here’s my tip and ideas to share with you to have a budget friendly surprise that will not hurt your pocket.

First: Reservation

Reserve 2-5 days before the exact date of the celebration. You will have to message their Facebook account and they will reply to you the reservation form to be send to them once you’re finished.


A screenshot of the reservation form.

Second: Plan


Well, you will never be successful if you don’t have a plan. So make a list of your whole plan that day to make it more unforgettable for them and for you.


Third: Preparation

Prepare everything from the decoration, gifts and the flow or plan of the day. Also choose already what will be the food you want to order that is on your budget.

Prices (see their facebook page for more details)

Tip: Try to be creative so the decorations will not cost you too much money.

As for me, I planned everything one month before, I’m just a student and I have a very limited amount of money. So I really need to have a plan so I wont waste any money. I reserve one week before, but I prepare the decorations one month before. Also my gift, the cake that I made for him also the foods that I will order is on budget.



40 printed pictures of us (cute size)

40*3 pesos = 120 pesos

20 pcsColored papers

20 = 25 pesos

3 cartolina

3*8 pesos = 24 pesos


30 pesos

TOTAL : 199 pesos


Two frappes 129 each

Rice meals 130 for 2 persons

TOTAL : 388 pesos

Good thing is even though you are finished eating. You can still stay at the place until their closing time.

That food on the center is the low budget version of oreo cake that I made for him.

I know its so simple. But it comes from the heart and that’s what matter the most.

For questions and more tips. You can message me on my IG and Facebook account.